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American culture is shifting from a more conserved attitude towards society to a generation in which one is able to live their life by strutting through at their own pace. Whether this is because of a shift in political views, or the way people are starting to live their lives, but people and culture are changing for the worse. Motives and ideas have changed, and personal achievements are so easily attained because doing as little as possible in order to achieve their goal satisfies people. The self-esteem movement is also at fault. People—GenMe—believe that they are so much better than everyone else, when
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Unformatted text preview: statistics show that other societies around the globe are proven to be better. GenMe as a whole is to blame for the alteration in American culture. The way we take things for granted and have an unhealthy liking for ourselves; we ruined a good thing. The Baby Boomers had something that the world may never see before, motivation to make the world better. Since we believe that we are the best, we don’t aspire to make any changes that will effect not only our individual lives, but the whole world....
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