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Teaching Yourself - Eric Slover October 17,2011 Assignment...

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Eric Slover October 17,2011 Assignment 3 Teaching Yourself Being that all people are not the same, people experience different things. Because people experience different things, knowledge is acquired in different ways. Knowledge is something that people acquire from their past experiences. People like to explore, read books, and stay social with their friends and families, all of which are experiences that one will analyze in his or her mind. These experiences are then turned into life lessons, random facts, and knowledge, all of which can be taken from the mind when need be. Knowledge can be defined as information and skills that are deemed necessary throughout ones life. Pallasmaa’s “Excerpts from The Eyes of the Skin Architecture and the Senses ” discusses the overreliance of vision in the world. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr is an article that critiques how technology expanded our world, but questions the impact it has on today’s society. “The Mind’s Eye: What the Blind See ” by Oliver Sacks, is an article that explores how handicap people experience the world and how they acquire knowledge. Unlike Pallasmaa, Oliver Sacks is mesmerized by the power of the eye, and he is surprised by the way blind people teach their brain, also known as “he gifts of the blind” (Sacks, 313). Therefore, people acquire knowledge by teaching themselves, trusting their self-being, and referring back to their past. People have to learn how to teach themselves before someone else can teach them. Many people rely on other people to teach them, which is why one lacks the skills of being able to teach themselves. We have to realize what is wrong in order to take the first step towards teaching ourselves. Oliver Sacks talks a lot about people who become blind 1
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Eric Slover October 17,2011 Assignment 3 throughout their lives. When a person becomes permanently blind, that person loses a sense that will never grace their life again. Therefore, the person has to adapt to the situation. “To become blind, especially later in life, presents one with a huge, potentially overwhelming challenge: to find a new way of living, of ordering one’s world when the old way has been destroyed” (Sacks, 303). Once a sense is lost, the world becomes dark, regardless if the lost sense is vision. The experiences one encountered with a sense is precious, but once a certain
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Teaching Yourself - Eric Slover October 17,2011 Assignment...

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