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Midterm progress - Eric Slover Midterm Assessment Expository Writing Mrs Butts One thing that I have learned from college writing is signposting I

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Eric Slover Midterm Assessment Expository Writing Mrs. Butts One thing that I have learned from college writing is signposting. I always understood this concept, but didn’t really rely on it because I didn’t fully grasp the importance of it. I am now able to incorporate it into my papers, making them tie together, and flow more easily. On of my greatest strengths as a writer is being able to add length to my papers. I can sit down and write for hours, and I can also analyze text with ease. My weaknesses are that I am better at quantity and not quality. I lack some skill that doesn’t allow me to fully understand what the author is trying to say, which concludes with me not being able to have great arguments in my papers. I also like to rely on my opinions a lot, which isn’t really the best thing to do. One thing that I am doing in my best paper is sorting out my ideas more, and also being able to focus on the authors more. I am also starting to rely more on analysis instead of my own opinion, which will overall get me a better grade. Something I can change dramatically in order to start doing better in understanding every
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