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Eric Slover Expository Writing September 28, 2011 Is Google that Scary? “Excerpts from The Eyes of the Skin” Architecture and the Senses ” by Juhani Pallasmaa, is an article examining the loss of depth in one persons awareness of space, which is unimportant once the senses are overlooked. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr is an article that critiques how technology is an innovation that people have created, but it is also re-creating people. The world is becoming a more technologically advanced setting, however, people still have the power and resources to use print and retain information they once read in a book. The disadvantage is that print will soon disappear, leading to a world controlled by technology, which is what many fear. Using the Internet, one may jump from page to page, skimming articles and reading emails, but does this draw away from his or her “memories, imagination, and dreams” (Pallasmaa, 286). The Internet grows and grows each day, while the brains of the people in the technological world, the “modern world,” are fluctuating. There is a new way of imaging and dreaming compared to the ideas and dreams people were once having. The cause being that more people rely on the technology provided instead of the print that bettered our ancestors. Some people may see this as an advantage because technology will not stop expanding. Technology is opening up new doors, allowing people to expand their horizons by providing Internet sites such as “Google” where information is readily
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available at the click of a mouse. There is room for sensation for the reason that technology will always expand, there is room for innovations, and there is a fear of a technology-controlled world. From the world’s first telegraph, to the first computer, to the cellular device that can do it all, technology is now an aspect of everyday life that has taken the world by storm. Technology has expanded into something that no one could ever have predicted. The Internet is expanding the world for the better, allowing one to “Research [something] that once required days in stacks or periodical rooms of libraries [and] can now be done in minutes” (Carr, 67). Researching for days just to make one argument or come up with one idea is a waste of time. The invention of “Google” is ultimately a gift from the heavens for people who rely on research to conduct their studies. With “Google,” ones
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Untitled Google - Eric Slover Expository Writing September...

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