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Short assignment 3 - and spreading it throughout my greens...

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Eric Slover September 30, 2011 Eating Right Section 02 Short Assignment #3 Something that I have recently eaten was a grilled chicken salad from Brower Commons. My other options were cold pizza, cold soup, and some kind of fish that only looked appetizing if you were blind. I made the choice that I did because, well, everything else seemed unappetizing. I also picked the chicken over everything else because of my preferences. However, it is very odd, the rest of my life I have never really considered where my food was coming from until I have started this course. I mainly choose the grilled chicken salad because I thought it was the most balanced out meal. I was taking lettuce and tomato, mainly genetically manufactured foods grown from the ground. Then I was taking the breast of a genetically mutated chicken and cutting it up
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Unformatted text preview: and spreading it throughout my greens. I considered the fact that I was taking two aspects of the agricultural system: the meat and the greens. Then, I took Italian dressing, which came from oil vinegar and some seasonings, also genetically mutated. I was taking from all aspects of the agricultural system rather than just one if I were to eat just the fish, or just the pieces of bread with sauce and cheese, or the cold soup, which could have had virtually anything in it. I believe that harming animals for no reason is unethical, however harming animals in order to feed the public is (I guess still frowned upon by many) acceptable. Therefore, I made my decision based on the fact that when I’m hungry, I need to keep my body nourished with food and I also like to treat myself with something that I enjoy eating....
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