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lecture 6 eating right - work among the crops Concern about...

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Eating Right Lecture 6 15:31 Worries about conventional agriculture- Monocultures, artificial fertilizer, pesticides. Conventional farms produce a lot of a single product (no pun intended) Lots of standardization of seeds and crops. Vulnerability to collapse Loss of positive interactions Loss of regional self-sufficiency, need for lots of food to move long distances. CAFO’s and other large scale animal agriculture operations.- Pollution. Preventative  antibiotics and antibiotic resistant infections. Meat contamination. Lots of fertilizers isn’t absorbed into soil.  Pesticides and herbicides- Lots of artificial are relly nasty- Concern about workers who 
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Unformatted text preview: work among the crops- Concern about environment, run off into water supply… Policy options- Taxes, regulation, prohibition, labeling- disclosure requirements and language constraints as wells as labeling schemes. Individual activism. Social/policy choices. Producer choices. Individual consumption choices. Motivated people Much hay is made of the efficiency of free markets. An outcome is efficient when- 1. You cant make anybody better off without making somebody else worse off. 2. It maximizes total social benefit. 15:31 15:31...
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  • CAFO, Producer choices. Individual consumption, conventional agriculture­ Monocultures, relly nasty­ Concern, operations.­ Pollution. Preventative, infections. Meat contamination

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lecture 6 eating right - work among the crops Concern about...

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