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“The art of the eye has certainly produced imposing and thought-provoking structures, but it has not facilitated human rootedness in the world. The fact that the modernist idiom has not generally been able to penetrate the surface of popular taste and values seem to be due to its one-sided intellectual and visual emphasis” (Pallasmaa 286). The first part of the sentence questions the ability of the eye, and all of its powers. The eye itself can capture many things, but sometimes not the truth. The eye will capture what the owner of the eye wants to make of the image, not necessarily what is placed in line of sight. If there is a bank robbery and there were eight witnesses, all eight witnesses will have different stories because their eyes are trained to see what they want to see. In a fast
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Unformatted text preview: moving situation like a robbery, yelling and screaming distort hearing, and the sense of touch is masked by the person’s adrenaline. Therefore, the eye becomes the strongest, but most inaccurate sense. In this case, there could have been three bank robbers, but you could only hear two men demanding for the money. From where the bank robbers were positioned behind the teller’s counter, and the ones that went to retrieve the money from the vault, the person could only see one person. At the time of panic, one will hear, see and vision many things, none of which are accurate. In conclusion, this uncertainty is making a person reveal his or her truth, instead of what really happened....
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