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Eric Slover 9-13-2011 Short Assignment 1 1) To me, the most disturbing part of Food, Inc. was not the animals were being treated or mistreated, but the way the courts and governments are being used to act as a secretary to the large corporations. They will run around like glorified gophers to make sure that all of their wants and needs are satisfied. This may be because many rules are former employees, who are now working for the government, are passing regulations protecting the corporations. I do not understand how one company can own an entire production of a particular crop nationwide, and can ruin farmers who grow that crop. I also think it is a little ridiculous that people can and have went to jail by protecting themselves from big corporations by spreading rumors, that only become true in the long run. I believe that we have a freedom to stand up for what we believe in. However, the government gives us universal healthcare, so in the end it all even out. Many people get sick; the government
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