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CVE 341 Water Resources Syllabus_Updated - American...

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American University of Sharjah Civil Engineering Department CVE 341 – WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING (3-0-3) Course Description (catalog): Introduces flow of water through pipes and channels, over the ground surface, and through the subsurface. Covers incompressible flow in pipes, methods of energy loss computations, pumps, steady flow in pipe networks, and design of pipe networks using computer applications. Includes open channel hydraulics, design of water supply canals, bridge and culvert hydraulics, and open channel flow modeling. Introduces surface hydrology, including runoff modeling. Covers subsurface flow and wells hydraulics. Includes team projects, and analysis and design using computer software. Course Format: Lecture Prerequisite(s): CVE 240 (Fluid Mechanics) Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Materials: Primary: Elementary Hydraulics , James F. Cruise et. al , Thomson-Nelson. Other Resources: Equation-solving calculator and/or Microsoft Excel Course Objectives : This course is designed to help the student: Apply hydraulic principles in the analysis and design of closed conduits and open channels. Conduct computer aided analysis and design of piping networks and channels. Conduct basic surface hydrology data analysis and modeling. Understand the importance of water as a precious natural resource. Conduct basic ground water and well hydraulics analysis.
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CVE 341 Water Resources Syllabus_Updated - American...

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