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CVE 341-Assignement 1_CHAPTER 8

CVE 341-Assignement 1_CHAPTER 8 - te C D and E(Answers P A...

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CV Q.1) Water flows steadily throug depth h A . Q.2) Water flows through the bra negligible, determine the pr Q.3) Referring Figure 3, compute a) Pressure at points A, B, C b) Flow rate? ( Q.4) Referring Figure 4, water a through a 45mm diameter The system contains a s Determine the flow rate and Minor losses are expresse g 2 V K h 2 L L = K Lent =0.5; Friction loss g 2 V D L f h 2 f = Q.5) Determine the elevation of t the system is 0.15m 3 /s. Car magnitudes and slopes. Minor losses are expresse g 2 V K h 2 L L = K Lent =0.5; K Friction loss g 2 V D L f h 2 f = American University of Sharjah Civil Engineering Department VE 341 – WATER RESOURCES ASSIGNMENT 1 gh the large tanks shown in Figure below. Deter anching pipe as shown in Figure 2. If viscous eff ressure at section 2 and the pressure at section 3 ( Answers P
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Unformatted text preview: te; C, D and E? (Answers P A =0, P B =P D =-4.5kPa, P C =-16.27kP at 10 o C ( =1.307x10-6 ) is to flow from reservoir r cast-iron pipe (f=0.032). The total length of t sharp-edged entrance and six regular thread d the value of Reynolds number. ed as ; K Lelbow =1.5; K Lexit= 1. (Answers Q=2 l/s the water surface in the upstream reservoir if the arefully sketch the HGL and the EGL, showing r ed as K Contraction =0.37; K Lexit= 1. rmine the water ( Answer 14.6m) ffects are 3 kPa, P 3 =115kPa) a, P E =24.93kPa) ir A to reservoir B this pipe is 20 m. ded 90 elbows. s & Re=4.33x10 4 ) e discharge in relative (Answer 22.3m) Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5...
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