CVE 341-Assignement 3_CHAPTER 8

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CVE 341 – Q.1) The pipes shown in the s head loss and the division of f L=900m, A L=600m L=6 D=60cm D= L=900m, Q.2) For the piping system of If the total pressure drop P1-P Neglect minor losses. Take ρ A B Q.3) Given is a three-pipe ser total flow rate Q in m 3 /h, negl υ =1.02x10 -6 m 2 /s Pipe 1 L, m d, cm ε , mm 1 100 8 0.24 2 150 6 0.12 3 80 4 0.20 Q.4) Given is a three pipe ser PB=150kPa, and the elevation d the system for given pipe data be Pipe 1 L, m d, cm ε , mm 1 100 8 0.24 2 150 6 0.12 3 80 4 0.20 American University of Sharjah Civil Engineering Department WATER RESOURCES -ASSIGNMENT 3 system are all concrete. With a flow of 0.7m 3 /s o flow in the pipes from A to B. Assume f=0.030 ( Answers , D=35cm 600m L=900m B
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Unformatted text preview: =30cm D=75cm , D=40cm f Figure below, all pipes are 8-cm-diameter asph P2=750kPa, find the resulting flow rate Q m 3 /h f =998 kg/m 3 and f A ≈ 0.0230, f B ≈ 0.0226, f C ≈ 0. ( Answer Q c = C ries system with the same total head loss of 20.3m lecting minor losses. The fluid is water ρ =1000 ( Answ ries system as shown below. The total press drop is Z A-Z B = 5m. Calculate the flow rate Q elow. Ignore minor losses due to contractions. ( Answe of water, find the for all pipes. rs Q 40 =0.304m 3 /s) halted cast iron. for water at 20 o C. .0222. =0.0269 m 3 /s) m. Compute the kg/m 3 , and wer Q=99.8 m 3 /h) sure drop is PA-in m 3 /hr through er Q=10.22 m 3 /h)...
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