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CV Q.1) What are the best dimension carry 5m 3 /s of water in uniform f Q.2) The finished-concrete chann depth of 1 m. Determine (a) the d in flow if the surface is asphalt. ( the center by the proposed barrie \ Q.3) A 3-m wide rectangular irri depth of 1.2 m. Determine the slo 40 m 3 /s, what is the normal depth Q.4) A trapezoidal channel is des channel is unlined, and in order t 1.5 m/s. The side slope must be n 0.03. In order to meet these requi used? Q.5) A trapezoidal channel is to hydraulic efficiency. The side slo 0.030. a) If the maximum allowable vel dimensions of the channel? b) What should be the slope of th American University of Sharjah Civil Engineering Department VE 341 – WATER RESOURCES ASSIGNMENT 5 ons y and b for a rectangular brick channel (n=0.0 flow with S o =0.001? nel of Figure is designed for a flow rate of 6 m
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Unformatted text preview: 3 / design slope of the channel and (b) the percentag (c) the percentage reduction in flow if the chann er d) Discuss all results igation channel carries a discharge of 25.3 m 3 /s a lope of the channel with n = 0.02. If the discharg th of flow? esigned to carry 25 m 3 /s on a slope of 1.5 m/km. to prevent erosion, the maximum allowable velo no steeper than 2 H on 1 V and the Manning n va irements, what flow depth and bottom width sho design to carry a discharge of 75 m 3 /s at maximu lope of the channel is 2 H /1 V and the Manning n locity in the channel is 1.75 m/s, what should be the channel .015) designed to /s at a normal ge of reduction nel is divided in at a uniform ge is increased to . The ocity is alue is ould be um n value is e the...
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