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CVE 341-Assignement 6_CHAPTER 11

CVE 341-Assignement 6_CHAPTER 11 - e figure e of each sub...

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CV Q.1) Water flows in a channel w shown below. The dimensions a subsections are also given on the a) Calculate the conveyance roughness values for com b) Estimate the flow rate Q.2) Water flows in a channel w below. The dimensions and the M are also given on the figure. Det Manning coefficient for the chan Q.3) Water flows along the drain bottom slope is S= 0.002, calcula a) Divided channel method b) Single channel method 3m American University of Sharjah Civil Engineering Department VE 341 – WATER RESOURCES ASSIGNMENT 6 whose bottom slope is 2m/km and whose cross se and the Manning coefficients for the surfaces of d
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Unformatted text preview: e figure. e of each sub section, equivalent hydraulic radiu pound channel section (Answers n e =0.022 hose bottom slope is 0.5 o and whose cross-sectio Manning coefficients for the surfaces of differen termine the flow rate through the channel and th nnel. (Answers n e =0.0386 & Q=37.2 nage canal having the properties shown in Figure late the flow rate using (Answe ection is as different us and equivalent 26 & Q=116.4m 3 /s ion is as shown nt subsections he effective m 3 /s) re below. If the ers Q=11.28m 3 /s)...
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