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CV Q.1) Water flowing in a wide ch channel. If the flow depth is 1.2 flow is chocked over the bump, a Q.2) Water flow in a wide rectan depth of 1m. Estimate (a) The water depth y (b) The bump height Q.3) A trapezoidal channel with 0.0005 and carries a discharge of a) What is the specific en b) Is the flow subcritical c) What is the alternate d d) What is the critical dep Q.4) Water flows with a velocity What is the change in water surfa elevation produced by a gradual would be the water surface if the Q.5) Referring to Problem 4, wh upstream flow condition? What i without changing the upstream c American University of Sharjah Civil Engineering Department VE 341 – WATER RESOURCES ASSIGNMENT 7 hannel encounters a 22cm high bump at the botto m and the velocity is 2.5 m/s before the bump, d and discuss. (Answers y c =0.97m ngular channel approaches a 10 cm-high bump a 2 over the bump t that will cause the crest flow to be critical.
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Unformatted text preview: (Answers y 2 =0. a bottom width of 5 m and side slopes t = 2 runs f 50 m 3 /s at normal depth. Take Manning’s n as nergy of the flow in the channel? or supercritical? depth to the normal depth? pth in the channel? (Answers E=3.07m, Fr=0.359, y=1 y of 3.0 m/s and a depth of 3.0 m in a rectangula face elevation produced by a gradual upward cha l upward change in bed elevation (hump) of 30 cm ere were a gradual drop of 30 cm? (Answers 0.205m hat is the maximum height of the setup that woul is the minimum width that could exist with a 0.3 condition, knowing that the upstream width is 6.0 (Answers 0.428m om of the determine if the m & E c =1.46m 3 /s) at 1.5 m/s and a .859m & 0.197m) s on a slope of 0.021 (metric). 1.12m, y c =1.72m) ar channel. (a) ange in bed m? (b) What drop, 0.1m rise) ld not affect the 3-m step-up .0 m? , 2.105m, 5.64m)...
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