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CV Q.1) Water flows uniformly at a wide. Estimate the height of the to form. Assume Manning’s n v Q.2) A gate is located in a rectan and after the gate is 3.0 m and 0. 2.85 m 2 /s. Find the force acting o Q.3) It is known that the discharg hydraulic jump is 4m. What is th Q.4) A trapezoidal channel has a discharge of 8.0 m 3 /s. Construct this channel such that the downst the upstream depth. Calculate the Q.5) A hydraulic jump is formed of the jump is 1.0 m, and the Fro Determine the Froude number af American University of Sharjah Civil Engineering Department VE 341 – WATER RESOURCES ASSIGNMENT 8 depth y 1 =40cm in the concrete channel shown, e hydraulic jump that will form when a sill is inst value is n=0.012. ( ngular open channel 2.0 m wide. The depth of flo .40 m, respectively. The channel carries a specifi
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Unformatted text preview: on the gate assuming no energy loss through the rge per unit width is 6 m 3 /s/m and that the height he depth y 1 ? a bed width of 3.0 m and a side slope of 1:1 and t the momentum diagram. A hydraulic jump is to stream depth is not to exceed 1.75 m, Find the lim e head lost. d in a triangular channel with a side slope of 2V: oude number is equal to 2.5 at the upstream side fter the jump and the lost due to the jump. ( Answer Fr= , which is 10m talled to force it (Answers Δ H=1.86m) low just before fic discharge of gate (Answers 51.5N) t (h) of the ( Answer 0.24m) carries a to be formed in miting value of ( Answers 1.83m) :1H. The height of the jump. r=0.439 & 0.46m)...
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