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CVE 341-Assignement 10_CHAPTER 15

CVE 341-Assignement 10_CHAPTER 15 - compute the water...

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CV Q.1) Gradually varied flow occu and b=2.5m. At location 1 the de locations are 50m apart, find the Q.2) A sluice gate is placed in a depth upstream of the gate is y 1 = Neglecting losses, identify and c Q.3) A wide rectangular channe 2.2 m 2 /s gate is located along the is 0.1 m. Determine whether a hy distance will the jump be formed as 0.02 (metric). Use direct step m Q.4) A trapezoidal channel with of 300,000 m 3 /d. The channel has of 0.018. At a certain point the b and determine the length of the w American University of Sharjah Civil Engineering Department VE 341 – WATER RESOURCES ASSIGNMENT 10 urs over a reach of rectangular channel with n=0. epth is 1.05m and at location 2the depth is 1.2m e discharge and identify the profile type? (Answ long rectangular channel, b=4m, n=0.014, and S =1.85m and downstream of the gate the depth y2
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Unformatted text preview: compute the water surface profiles on either side (Answers 1 el having a bed slope of 20 cm/km carries a spec e channel where the depth of flow at the vena-co ydraulic jump will be formed after the gate or no d downstream the gate? Take the Manning rough method taking the depth increment of 0.02m. a bed width of 2.0 m and a side slope of 3:2 car as a bed slope of 12 x 10-5 and a Manning roughn bed slope increases to 20 x 10-3 . Draw the water s water profiles in the two reaches. (Answer .013, So=0.005, . If the two wers Q=15.5m 3 /s) S o =0.0008. The 2=0.35m. e of the gate? 1771m & 15.85m) cific discharge of ontracted section ot. At what hness coefficient (Answers 17.5m) rries a discharge ness coefficient surface profile rs 4805m, 33.7m)...
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