water_project - Abstract In this project, a water...

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Unformatted text preview: Abstract In this project, a water distribution network for a future city development in Turkey was to be designed. The only information given were the demands required by each region in the city and its map. The design was conducted on WaterCAD, computer software. The inputs to the software were of two categories, ones for the pipes and others for the junctions. For the pipes and after an extensive research about the ones in turkey, PVC material was used. Diameters ranged from 80mm to 500mm. Also, the length of each pipe was entered. For the junctions, the elevation of each was approximated from the contour map and entered. Any pipe would develop a pressure; in this project the pressure of each pipe was to be between 300 and 400 kPa. Therefore, to achieve that, many attempts were made by changing diameters of the pipes and the elevation of the reservoir. Finally, an efficient design was made within the pressure conditions where each pipe diameter was adequate to handle the design flow of each region without excessive head loss. Moreover, the design was efficient in terms of cost because oversized pipes were not used unless necessary. Table of Contents Abstract .1 Table of Contents 2 Theory .3 Map.... .4 Maximum Demand 5 Assumptions. .5 Methodology .6 Results .7 Calculations....
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water_project - Abstract In this project, a water...

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