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How much time do you spend each day engaging with media ? During my early teen years at the age of fifteen. I was often distracted with the media, and it kept me away from my family. It is hard to notice when you are young the effects that the media has when we are young and the effects that it continues having like the internet, television, texting, and video games . Those in my opinion are the “Big four” for me that have had a huge impact in my life because it is what I use the most till this day, I spend hours on it without me noticing. For example many times I’ve found myself multitasking and its mostly with watching television and with the laptop on my lap. My mother often tells me you’re either doing one or the either, but you can not be one both. However I can its just so addicting, I can not watch TV without my laptop around me, so I basically engage with these two devices around 8-10 hours daily which if I count both actions at the same time it would add up as a whole day. Which basically takes most
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