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Garcia 1 Danilo Garcia History 12 5/24/2011 W.E.B Dubois: ISBN: 0-8050-2534-0 Many African Americans during the 1920’s were known to live in a period of harsh tension. They were no longer slaves, but they were still not looked equal upon whites. However, many movements emerged like the African American leaders who rose to power during this time period, they wanted to their race to equal heights as the whites. One of these leaders was W.E.B Dubois who believed that education would ultimately be the solution to the race problems occurring at the time. The beliefs of W.E.B Dubois were influenced by his background, and had an effect on his life, work, and organizations that he was involved with and many of the type of people whom he attracted. His way of thinking influenced the way he attacked the “Negro Problem” His Influence continues to affect many people. W.E.B Dubois was born in Great Barrington Massachusetts in 1868, where the African American Community was small, but putting into consideration the time period of racial tension it was very well respected, segregation did not exist. Dubois eventually became involved with the African Americans to try to change their lives as he put education as his fundamental. W.E.B Dubois was a highly educated man, but did not experience segregation until his years in Tennessee. Dubois later wrote “I was tossed into the Negro Problem”. It was there where he brought his philosophy that education was the remedy for his people. Dubois felt that the
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Garcia 2 problem of the twentieth century was the problem of the color line. Judged on the color of your skin. Dubois main point was that education would be the way to save African Americans, he believed that many of the racism came because they were ignorant, and blacks were held back because they were not educated enough. W.E.B Dubois also emphasized a non violence and political action as important weapons in regards to the debate. Dubois focused his solution on what he called the “Talented Tenth”. In which he decided to gather with a group of educated African Americans, and he believed that this bunch of educated African Americans would lead the the mass. Dubois also believed, work towards equality with the liberal whites. Dubois beliefs were aimed at all the organizations in which he was involved in and represented. In July 1905, DuBois organized the Niagara Movement, a nonviolent organization of African-American leaders that were devoted to finding freedom for the race. During their first meeting the group
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History 12 micro - Garcia 1 Danilo Garcia History 12...

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