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Danilo Garcia Informative Speech November 27, 2011 Title: Adolf Hitler- Where did he go ? Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of what may have happened to Adolf Hitler towards the end of the World War II, and how different it may have turned out then we all think. Thesis: Three aspects too consider when looking at the mystery of Adolf Hitler Death. 1) Was there a witness of Adolf Hitlers death ?, 2) Are there any remains of Hitlers death? 3) Is there proof of death ?, 4) What really happened with Adolf Hitlers remains did really commit suicide or manage to escape? I. Introduction A. Hook: As you look at this man what do you guys know of him, Who is he, and how did he die ? For those who know and don't know let me tell you who he was, he was a dictator who believed in a pure race; meaning pure german. Adolf Hitler came into power and immediately assassinated thousands of people many among them were jews in the event of World War II and the holocaust. Hitler ultimately wanted power and take over all Europe, but he was unsuccessful, and towards the end of the war it is believed that Hitler committed suicide. B. Rapport: I know many of you may know a lot about Adolf Hitler through your history classes or in documentaries in the past. Most history documents have made it clear that Adolf Hitler committed suicide on the day that he realized that his enemies were getting closer, and that he was about to lose the war. Today I would like to inform you, and would like for you guys to pay close attention the fact that Adolf Hitlers death might have been a complete cover up, and not what we all know to this day, and I am here to tell you some facts that will blow your mind
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Informative Speech 2 - Danilo Garcia Informative Speech...

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