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Adding_meds_to_IV_bag_check - • Check MAR and order as...

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Competency: Adding Medications to Intravenous Fluid Containers Name_____________________________________________Date______________ Critical Element Competency demonstrated Yes No Hand Hygiene Gather appropriate equipment Preparation for unspiked IV bag/bottle: Check MAR and order for correct medication and dose Select proper ampule or vial and prepare accordingly Swab the injection port on the IV solution container and insert the medication to be added. Mix the solution by gently rotating the bag/bottle. Do not shake Complete the additive label with medication, dose, date, time and who added it. Attach to IV bag/bottle Attach IV tubing and hang as per policy and procedure Preparation for spiked IV bag/bottle:
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Unformatted text preview: • Check MAR and order as above. Select and prepare ampule or vial. • Clamp the IV tubing. • Swab the injection port on IV solution container and insert medication to be added. Mix as above • Complete the additive label as above • Open the IV tubing clamp and regulate flow rate Dispose of all soiled materials and sharps properly Document in MAR according to policy • Initial and sign name per policy Comments:______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Pass/Fail Retake Date__________ Instructor________________________________________________________________...
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