concept map example - NURS205CONCEPTMAP

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NURS 205 CONCEPT MAP Erikson’s Developmental Stage of Life Cycle: Older   Adulthood __________________________________________ Task:               integrity versus despair                                                                                                                                                    Health-Illness Continuum:  (Circle One)   Maximum Health Health Illness Death Oxygen Needs/Circulation no pain in chest adequate breathing, no accessory  muscle use, normal, unlabored @ 16 Safety/Skin/Wounds/ Drains/Infections/Sensory Rt inner thigh decub and sacral decub UTI Fall risk Neurological/Neurovascular Peripheral neuropathy Ataxia Transverse myelitis Nutrition/Hydration High protein diet Soft/chopped, thin liquids anorexia                 Comfort
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concept map example - NURS205CONCEPTMAP

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