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Chapter6 - the strength constraint and the cost is low In...

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John Cornelio 1148549 Chapter 6 Assignment 1a.)Equation 36 1b.)Steps on finding the best material: Find all the values needed for the equation. Plot a log to log graph with cost in the y-axis and elastic limit on the x-axis. The material that is on the lower right will be the best material because it will have the best strength to cost ratio. 2.) The limiting constraints are {3,5,6} for maximization while the limiting constraints are {4,6,6} for minimization. 3.) It will not change the ordering. However, it will increase the cost of the materials since b is proportional to cost. 4.) From my perspective, the best material for the ladder rung would be pine because it simply satisfies
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Unformatted text preview: the strength constraint and the cost is low. In table 6.5, all the materials satisfies the strength constraint while in table 6.6, pine has the lowest cost compared to the other materials which is why I pick pine. In addition, All other materials are expensive and impractical to be use because of their weight and thickness. 5.) Pine would be the best material because: The material is superior. Therefore, it is good for everyday use. Material’s mass is not relatively high thus the electrical contractor can move it on ease. On table 6.6, pine has the lowest cost out of all the materials....
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