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MCMASTER UNIVERSITY ENGINEER 1P03: ENGINEERING PROFESSION AND PRACTICE FINAL DESIGN PROJECT DRAFT REPORT F02 -126 - 3 Calor Innovators Michael Marshall 0964330 Kemal Ahmed 1150377 Huzefa Mikail 1130002 John Cornelio 1148549 David Aguiar 1154414
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1.0 Introduction The Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) has been running in Hamilton for over 100 years. Recently, they have implemented bus shelters at major stops throughout the city in order to provide the users with protection from the elements while waiting for the bus. In Hamilton, for the majority of the year, temperatures fall well below 10ºC. [2] Although the bus shelters protect HSR users from the elements, it is no warmer within the shelters than outside of them. Many HSR users are forced to wait in the cold for 15 to 30 minutes in between bus arrivals [1]. During seasonally cold times, it can be extremely uncomfortable waiting outside for this long. We plan to “Design a unique heating system to fit the HSR bus shelters that will be durable, reliable, maintainable, economical, and will effectively heat the shelter to a safe, appropriate temperature without being wasteful.” The major stakeholders of the project are the HSR users throughout Hamilton. These people can be commuters from the surrounding area, residents and visitors to the city of Hamilton, and McMaster students. This system will be built for the City of Hamilton Public Works Department Transit Division. The objectives of the project are to design a heating system that is safe for the HSR users to use, works whenever needed, and is easily accessible for all HSR users. The system must be comfortable and promote the use of the transit system. The system
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