Enginnering article - John Cornelio 1148549 November 6,...

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John Cornelio 1148549 November 6, 2011 2 for 1 Engineering and business are both different aspects in academics. The concept in engineering is designing things to make the world a better place while the concept in business is how money revolves around the world. In the article, 2 for 1 , Penn State Erie, a world renowned school, had put a hybrid course of engineering and business on its system. Collaborating the two had made a powerful combination when dealing with real world problems. In addition, it gives an engineer a business insight when designing things. Penn State Erie promotes this interdisciplinary of business and engineering by putting the two schools together (Irene Black School of Business and School of Engineering) in a single building. Fusing both disciplines influences teamwork which is key goal for the institution. For instance, Penn State Erie’s student had help design an online auction system which saved a company, millions of dollars. Through this, the institution had been funded $176000 for academics. Engineering and business are literally different languages and studying the both of them
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Enginnering article - John Cornelio 1148549 November 6,...

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