Th. 4-28 Animal research welfare and rights

Th. 4-28 Animal research welfare and rights - Thursday...

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Unformatted text preview: Thursday primates lecture Animal Research, Welfare, and Rights 18:09 *Perspectives Animal abuse to Animal Welfare to Animal Rights and further on to Animal Liberation *1933 Law Is he a person entitled to human financial and legal rights?—Austrian law case Matthew hiasl pan, 26 years old Florida Animal Law The Great Ape Project 1993 Declaration on Great Apes Right to lie, liberty, protection from torture Endorsed by spain in june 2009 then to EU and UN and US Congress Animal Research Inhumane Redundant Irrelevant Unregulated “species-ist”- we are using animals for our own gain- peter singer, he is very opposed to this speci-ist point of view, coe feels that this is the case too, thinks we abuse facts and figures- several thousand monkeys dogs and cast are going down, less than 1% monkeys though probably get the most attention we kill about 2 million excess dogs and cats that people abandon as pets, so number doesn’t even compare to what we actually use for research so these animals are used for research?? What are the alternatives to animal testing and research? Draize- where you see if something is toxic or dangerous to the eye LD50- how toxic a does is how lethal, it’s the dosage that kills 50% Computer modeling- some say we don’t need to use animal testing at all b/c we are so sophisticated, coe doesn’t agree, cuz otherwise we would be doing that but we don’t or can’t Some say USE humans!!! Peter singer says that, he said if you need to use it test it in humans How many rabbits does Revlon blind for beauty’s sake? ICCVAM Authorization Act of 2000 Its an interagency committee of the US Gov. with members representing 15 US FEDERAL regulatory and research agencies that use generate or disseminate toxicological info used to determine the safety or potential adverse health effects of chemicals and products to which workers and consumers may be exposed “not tested on Animals”...
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Th. 4-28 Animal research welfare and rights - Thursday...

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