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Exam 1 Questions and Answers

Exam 1 Questions and Answers - Lecture 1 Review Questions...

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Lecture 1 Review Questions January 19th 1. How many people cam from German lands between 1830-1900? a. 5 million 2. Why do we say “from German Lands” a. Germany wasn’t established yet 3. To what extent did German immigration contribute significantly to the settlement of the US? a. Yes, over 15% claim German heritage- live in belt, north needed jobs “slave” 4. Where in particular did the Germans settle? a. Midwest Belt 5. Why did WI become a “German state”? a. Topography-> good transportation, Milwaukee, and they were looking for immigrants 6. My grandparents ...... from Germany in 1880. a. emigrated 7. What is meant by “chain migration”? a. “Follow the leader” 8. Name several academic disciplines that are interested in immigration studies? a. History, geographers, linguists, Agriculture Questions on the reading for Jan . 21 Colonial Period 1. What’s the significance of year 1683? a. Founding of German Town in PA, first German Settlement 2. What did William Penn have to do with founding of Germantown? a. He was a quaker who did good things with the king of England and gave present of land to him. 3. What system allowed thousands of poor German peasants to pay to come to America? a. Redemptioner system “to redeem” 4. Upon what did an American’s eagerness to buy a redemptioner depend? a. wanted workers, cheap laborers, trade-off, transportation for their labor 5. How many German immigrants came as redemptioners up to the American Rev. (Colonial Period)? a. 1/2 to 2/3 of German Populations, about 50 to 60 thousand 6. Name one well known German immigrant who took part in American Revolution on American side? a. Von Shuden 7. Name group from Germany who fought for British? a. Hessians Redemptioner System : How does it work? 1. What three parties were involved in the deal? a. Redemptioner, Buyer, Ship’s Captain 2. Who signed the contract?
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a. Redemptioner (Henry Mayer) Indenture certificate signed at age 29 3. What did the immigrant get out of the bargain? the ship’s captain? the American “purchaser”? a. immigrant got maybe land money entity exit way into America, ship’s captain got money for immigrant, could take products back to Europe, purchaser got cheap labor 4. Why were immigrants who came under the redemptioner system referred to as “free willers”? a. They did this on their own free will by own choice, slaves did not 5. How many immigrants from Germany does Moltmann estimate came under the redemptioner system up to the American Revolution? a. 50,000-60,000 6. What percentage of all German immigrants did this represent during this period? a. Not less than 1/2, not more than 2/3 7. How is this system like paying for something with a credit card? How is it different? To what extent is this kind of slavery-or not? Questions for Lecture 3 The Hessians January 26th 1. How many people may have emigrated from German lands to the British colonies in America up to the American Revolution?
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Exam 1 Questions and Answers - Lecture 1 Review Questions...

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