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Soc. 125 Exam Study Questions - Exam Questions Study Guide...

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Exam Questions Study Guide Soc 125 QUESTION 1--What are the 2 requirements for establishing if an Inequality is an injustice? A moral judgment that the inequality is unfair Sociological judgment that this unfairness could be remedied by a social change. QUESTION 2-- The combination of inequality injustice and power is what we call________? - oppression QUESTION 3—What is the overall result of fair play, and secondly what is the overall result of fair share? - fair play result is there are high levels on inequality of outcomes that are fair and just -fair share result is the fairness of outcomes QUESTION 4- What are the Two sorts of reasons one might give to defend maintaining unjust inequalities ? -The means needed to rectify the injustice may themselves violate some other important value There may be pragmatic reasons why it would be a bad idea to redistribute income. QUESTION 5—What are the Pragmatic Arguments for Maintaining inequality? - so the pragmatic argument for inequality is that if the poor would be made much worse off by reducing an inequality then, perhaps, it would be better to leave in place. -the key behind this pragmatic argument in defense of inequalities is that inequalities are deeply connected to “incentives ” so there are two forms of the pragmatic argument of inequality 1. one concerning the incentives of poor people 2. the second concerning the incentives of rich people Incentive argument for poor people Argues that if income is redistributed to the poor this will reduce their incentives to work hard and responsibly in order to improve their lives. Especially bad for children…if parents don’t need to work hard then why do it, passed on to children who bear no responsibility for being poor, so redistribution will ultimately make their lives worse. Incentive argument for the rich In order to get ppl to be productive and work hard they need incentives. If ppl work hard and invest they produce more. This causes economic growth and benefits the poor. QUESTION 6
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Soc. 125 Exam Study Questions - Exam Questions Study Guide...

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