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Geo 139 Final Exam Study Guide Answers

Geo 139 Final Exam Study Guide Answers - Final Exam 3 Study...

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Final Exam 3 Study Guide Geography 139 From 4/5 What are the Defining characteristics of globalization? - Reliance on Imports/Exports - Global integration of Economies - Exploitation- Global north over underdeveloped South - Power Dynamics- Global north sets the terms, culture - Transition advocacy network What are the various types/scales of “development” discussed with Mike? - Growth - Economies - Improves the standards of living - Services-> water and electricity (the physical built infrastructure) - Economic growth and social development - political development-establishing a government (political institutions) - International Financial institutions (IMF/World Bank) - Happens on different scales What are the important changes in the metal mining industry in the latter part of the 20th century? (How globalization has changed the mining industry) - Geographic unevenness - Price Integration - Exhaustion- way in which natural resources play act in ground and become more scarce. - Rise in BRICs- Brazil, Russia, India, China-> rise in economies and their industrialization has shot up prices and found new deposits increasingly in the 3rd worlds. - Better Technology- allowed for mining on larger scaled => scale issue - Scale Issue - More Mechanized - fewer jobs so economic impact not very significant because they are not hiring many people - Efficiency - mining technology has allowed even more diffused deposits of mineral to be profitably high. “molecules sizes for profitability” - Easy deposits in north and by policies to facilitate global economic integration Social and environmental impacts of mining technology? What is Power’s argument regarding the proposed Crandon mine in WI? - Addresses the threat of Exxon’s proposed Crandon Mine to the Wolf and Wisconsin rivers. - One of most powerful persuasive arguments of mining company to establish a mine is that they offer rural communities and households something that they desperately need: HIGH PAYING JOBS - Citizens of community are left with a choice- Either accept the degradation of the environment and enjoy the prosperity the job brings, or Turn down those jobs and enjoy the resulting higher environmental quality but live in relative poverty. - The two ways that we can explain the systematic failure of mining’s promise of prosperity for communities willing to embrace it are: (the answer lies in the other economic characteristics of these industries) - 1.-> First is the instability that is endemic in mining industries. They are short lived and interrupted by
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declines and metal prices. - 2.-> Second these industries are “mature” economic activities that have been with us since the industrial revolution. They have great technology which results in impressive gains in labor productivity. But with each passing year, a smaller labor force is employed and needed to work the mines because the technology has taken over their jobs.
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Geo 139 Final Exam Study Guide Answers - Final Exam 3 Study...

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