geo 349 - Strasbourg "crossroads of Europe" -...

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Strasbourg "crossroads of Europe" - Strategic location in the middle of the rhine graben - a special role as the capital of culturally distinctive and long contested region lying between Germany and France - a historic ability to extend its commercial reach down the Rhine, as well as to the alpine passes and Rhone corridor - a home of the European Parliament and other international institutions Why does is like to think of itself as the representitive of eruope? - likes to think of itself as the capital of europe, an icon of european unity and cooperative integration - after WWII became the headquarters of the Council of Europe, the continents oldest intergovernmental organization - It is the permenant home of European Parliament, which strasbourg one of the main centers of the European Union (the federalized organization of 25 states dedicated to the democratic integration of decisions at the European level governing matters of mutual interest to the member states) -It is a provincial capital and a regional center. -It takes special pride in its historic heritage, cultural leadership, modern economic prosperity and development. Book parts: 1. being by defining and delimiting Europe as a cultural space and examining the cultural variation within the space 2. Explores the environmental contours of the region and the ways in which europeans have come to inhabit and interact with their environmental surroundings, both in the past and in the present. 3. from there it turns to discussions of language, religion, and polity, three topics that
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geo 349 - Strasbourg "crossroads of Europe" -...

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