Germ. 271 Exam 1 Study guide

Germ. 271 Exam 1 Study guide - German 271 Exam#1(Terms and...

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German 271- Exam #1 (Terms and Topics) Chain Migration = individual communities were of specific ethnic heritage (areas of the US became German areas). Waves of Migration : German migration to the US (A) 1845-1865: immigrants were from SW Germany (B) 1865-1880: immigrants were from NW Germany (C) 1880-1890: immigrants were from NE Germany Reasons for Migration : (1) “Push” reasons for mass migration from Germany: Political and religious oppression Crop failures of the 1840s and 1850s Overpopulation (improved health conditions, lower mortality rates) Inheritance laws (either divided land btw all sons or left it all to the eldest) (1) “Pull” reasons for mass migration to WI: In 1850, Milwaukee was a German city (Germans= 1/3 of total population) WI had an active German cultural life WI advertised itself as a German settlement area Areas from which migrants from German lands came : Majority came from SW Germany; Many came from NW Germany; The smallest contingency came from NE Germany Areas in America to which German migrants came : 1800s---> East Coast and Midwest o 1683= First German settlement in America at Germantown (suburb of Philadelphia, PA) What percentage of the foreign-born in the 19 th century was German-born? o 1850: 26% of the foreign-born were German-born (583,774)- 2.5% of total population o 1890: 30% of the foreign-born were German-born (2,784,894)- 4.4% of total population First German Settlement in America : 1683 at Germantown (suburb of Philadelphia, PA) o 13 families from Krefeld
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o Mennonite group settlement (religious-oriented settlement) o Chose PA as their center for many reasons: The promotional activities of William Penn in Germany Chain migration (developed between the old and new homelands) PA’s reputation as an area of religious tolerance Attractive climate and physiography Impact of Inheritance Laws on Migration : Inheritance laws encouraged migration because it provided the Germans with an opportunity for an improvement in their standard of living and the potential to develop according to their own free will, both as an individual and as a family (they did not have these possibilities in German lands as these desires were predetermined by the inheritance laws) What could WI offer German immigrants ? o An active German cultural life o Freedom- political and religious o Jobs o Land o Adequate living conditions Some German dialects in WI : o WI High German o Kolsch o Ostfalisch o Holsteinisch Half-Timbered Homes and Barns (Dodge County, WI): half-timbered building has exposed wood framing o 19 th and 20 th Centuries: People imitated this style of medieval building and applied timber to exterior walls for decorative purposes. The Texas Germans
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Germ. 271 Exam 1 Study guide - German 271 Exam#1(Terms and...

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