module 2- Role of Theory

module 2- Role of Theory - Human Development and Family...

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Human Development and Family Studies 362 Development of the Young Child Lecture 2: The role of theory in understanding development- 3 things 1. try to describe changes, 2. predict what changes will likely occur, 3. it also is very helpful to explain why these changes occur especially in case when developmental milestones dont occur.(ex. deferred because of language was far off normal range, helps alleviate fears or explain when development is not on path.) I. Child development as an interdisciplinary, applied field- many different fields like social work, psychology, sociology, nursing, lawyers, teachers, politicians, manufacturers like cereal manufacturers trying to find whats ideal for children- colorful packages and toys are low on the shelf Definition-very specific simple def, the study of development is the study of change over the lifespan (birth to old age) *change, birth till age 11 What causes developmental changes to occur? broad categories: 1. biological influences - (nonwalking to walking state, biological state of growth in muscles and in genes, particularly for physical change) 2. environmental changes- children family environments how well it functions or nurtures the growth, how many sibblings, how child interacts with children their own age, family context has influence on who we are today. 3. Normative age graded experiences: those experiences that are typically are occurring at the same age of individuals and is normative because most children experience the same things (going to kindergarten is a normative change, also has implications for parents as so for children, anxiety. 4. normative history graded experiences- a large majority of individual are experiencing those at the same time, where we are as a nation world country as a historical experience (Great Depression impact- became distrustful of banks and other institutions- contemporary history graded
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module 2- Role of Theory - Human Development and Family...

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