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CSE442 Phase 1 Instructions

CSE442 Phase 1 Instructions - try to mention them and why...

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Your team must post (to the team web site) a list of requirements and a narrative describing the problem to be solved. These are NOT the formal requirements, but a preliminary list to merely evaluate whether you are on the right track. Simply answer the question: What will our system do? No need to write more than 2 pages. Post the document to your team web site. Please email me the web site link for your team. At this point, nothing fancy. Label your web site with your designated team letter. Below, are sample questions that you MIGHT want to address. It is not necessary to answer each question, but these represent issues that will probably need to be addressed in design. 1. What will your system do? a. Choose a proper title for your project. b. Write an overview of the project including the introduction, problem statement, and the objective. 2. Who will use your project? a. Most of the projects work for a specific population... try to mention
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Unformatted text preview: .. try to mention them and why your project is useful for them. b. How will it improve their quality of life? 3. Why is the project useful? a. Mention the benefit of your project. b. How will it improve the quality of life of its users? 4. What are the main requirements for our project? a. If you can, create a simple list of the requirements. b. Will flexibility and configuration be required to satisfy different users? Mention that. c. How do the project user interfaces look and what will make them unique, friendly, useful, easy, etc.? d. Will there be any budget or schedule constraints (e.g. will it use commercial equipment? Will it be affordable by students?) e. Will you be taking advantage of industry-standards (e.g. wireless networking, etc.) f. What about the main safety requirements in your project. g. What hardware is required? 5. Are there major technical hurdles to overcome?...
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CSE442 Phase 1 Instructions - try to mention them and why...

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