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Phase 2 - Requirements Write a System Specification Create a Team web page (TeamX.html) and either post it, or email it to me and I will post it. You are the customer. You are NOT an engineering team, but you wish to convey your problem to a company that will build your system. Write a System Specification, but NOT a Software Requirements Specification or design. You can assume that resources are unlimited. Ask for the best system, no matter how extensive and complicated (you will only have to demo a subset). Here is a list of suggested topics. Add sections as you see fit, to give the best explanation possible of the system that needs to be built. Since customers are “domain experts” and not engineers, the System Specification is often a reflection of the problem space and not the software engineering subculture. Remember that “customers” and “users” may be different. Your submission must be professional, in a format that can be displayed on the web. Strive to submit a
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Unformatted text preview: consistent document, that does not look like the contribution of many individuals, but of a solid team. • Title Page • (accurate) Table of Contents • Introductory Problem Statement • History / Research / Current Solutions / Deficiencies of current solutions (if applicable) • Functional Requirements - detail everything that the system has to do. e.g. Interface between user & system, and more • Proposed Solution (optional) - from the domain perspective • Objectives / Goals – Relevance & Quality of Life • User Profile / Deployment Environment / Who will use the system? The system may be used by both a client, and therapist, or family members. There may be many users. • Constraints – budget, schedule, technical (note: not a budget or schedule, but constraints ) • Project Deliverables • Future Plans and Expandability Post your Phase 2 documentation on your web site....
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