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CSE442 Phase 4 Instructions - be included • Using the...

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Use Microsoft Project to Create a Labor-Only Project Plan  Imagine your team to be part of a company with unlimited resources. Imagine your target to be  the successful completion of the entire system (not just your team demo). Imagine that you are  about to plan the labor for the entire job to the finest detail.  List all the tasks to be completed. EVERY TRACKABLE TASK MUST BE INCLUDED.  the man-hour estimate for each task the number of people who can work effectively and simultaneously on the task the precedent tasks - task(s) that  must be completed prior to performing this task use the subordinate task capability to “roll up” subtasks into meaningful larger  tasks. Do NOT include hardware costs. However, the labor to select and purchase hardware should 
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Unformatted text preview: be included. • Using the Critical Path (Pert, or “Network”) Chart, calculate the calendar time of the complete job. • Using a rate of $85/hr., calculate the total job cost. • Prepare to defend your estimates in class. Submit the Project file and a single page summary. On the summary, include total job cost and calendar time. Notes: the Project Plan is your guide for both time and money. Every trackable effort must be included. If there is a particular component to be implemented, it must include Specification, Design, Coding, and Testing tasks. There may be partial and full integration efforts, design reviews, status reports, everything that needs to be paid-for....
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