APY377 9-9-11 Alejandro

APY377 9-9-11 Alejandro - -Children dont care about him...

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September 9, 2011 APY377 Video: “The Spirit Possession of Alejandro” - Film took place in 1974 - Feels spirits in him – others tell him he’s sick - Treated five times and nothing (later on several times more) - Will make sacrifice Thursday (stone, echo, wind spirit) - Discovered them “must be the mummies” - He doesn’t want to die – wants to please spirits - Black potatoes used to do well; now crops bad (blight stops them/destroys) potatoes now turn yellow and very small! - He’s considered a pillar here (powerful, rich); asked boy to bring teacher to write his will - Alejandro has been getting angry; wants to go to the cliffs and die - He’s calm during the day, night spirits talk to him at night - All people his age are gone - The “cures” only delay death - Comes now as wind – constantly spying on him - Need to sacrifice baby pig, a chick… wind demands this - Spirits only come when he’s alone - Hasn’t had will written (son forgot – was off playing soccer)
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Unformatted text preview: -Children dont care about him argue among themselves-Alejandro has already given his cattle and livestock-Wish to give will to stop fighting wants things in good order-He wants to go but cant worried of daughters (husbands beat them)-Only thinks of death ; hes no longer living-One month later Alejandro went to the cliffs and jumped Terms: magic, extraordinary claims Alcohol plays a big role at night, wanted to go to rocks Extraordinary claims: (1) Its true (2) Its false (3) Its true to him Ex: spirits want sacrifices (3) Social construction of reality everyones human and sees things, but based on culture they may perceive it differently Psychological disorders dont exist to him you file things ased on societys perception saw spirits; may have been several factors (old age, stress, psychological)...
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