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APY377 9-9-11 Alejandro

APY377 9-9-11 Alejandro - -Children don’t care about him...

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September 9, 2011 APY377 Video: “The Spirit Possession of Alejandro” - Film took place in 1974 - Feels spirits in him – others tell him he’s sick - Treated five times and nothing (later on several times more) - Will make sacrifice Thursday (stone, echo, wind spirit) - Discovered them “must be the mummies” - He doesn’t want to die – wants to please spirits - Black potatoes used to do well; now crops bad (blight stops them/destroys) potatoes now turn yellow and very small! - He’s considered a pillar here (powerful, rich); asked boy to bring teacher to write his will - Alejandro has been getting angry; wants to go to the cliffs and die - He’s calm during the day, night spirits talk to him at night - All people his age are gone - The “cures” only delay death - Comes now as wind – constantly spying on him - Need to sacrifice baby pig, a chick… wind demands this - Spirits only come when he’s alone - Hasn’t had will written (son forgot – was off playing soccer)
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Unformatted text preview: -Children don’t care about him – argue among themselves-Alejandro has already given his cattle and livestock-Wish to give will to stop fighting – wants things in good order-He wants to go but can’t – worried of daughters (husbands beat them)-Only thinks of death ; he’s no longer living-One month later Alejandro went to the cliffs and jumped Terms: “magic”, “extraordinary claims” Alcohol plays a big role – at night, wanted to go to rocks Extraordinary claims: (1) It’s true (2) It’s false (3) It’s true to him Ex: spirits want sacrifices (3) “Social construction of reality” everyone’s human and sees things, but based on culture they may perceive it differently Psychological disorders don’t exist to him – you file things ased on society’s perception – saw spirits; may have been several factors (old age, stress, psychological)...
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