APY377 9-12-11 Perception

APY377 9-12-11 Perception - APY377 TA INFO Name Adam Office...

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September 12, 2011 APY377 TA INFO: Name – Adam Office: 483 Spaulding Email – [email protected] Perception 1) Person is telling the truth 2) Person is lying 3) This really did happen in his/her perception. He/she really did experience what he’s describing. It’s true for him… maybe not for anybody else, but him. How can that be? Stevens gave a model for that process – brain processes information and gives it meaning according to its culture; child learns culture as it grows up – community, nationality. “Cultural Meaning ” culture gives meaning to the brain to enable it to interpret various perceptions that are being received all the time (sight, sound, texture, odor, change in temperature – received by senses and sent through neuro-signals to the brain, where the information is processed) EX: people who see and converse with the Virgin Mary, from the Christian belief system. Other people are around but no one else sees them, except the individual person(s). Although nothing is seen, it is being perceived by the brain. What can cause that to happen? Some suggest schizophrenia, since it is a confusion of signals in the brain. The brains of schizophrenics are wired differently. The schizophrenics do have experiences that no one else has – hallucinations . Their minds really do record those things… it was real. Others suggest, blow to head, dizziness (kids who spin around and lie down to see the world spinning. . you know nothing is moving, but it’s real to you), drunken binge, emotions (especially grief, loss of a loved one) EX: Soldiers PTSD in war also causes these kinds of reactions, as well as visions/hallucinations. It is really there to them
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APY377 9-12-11 Perception - APY377 TA INFO Name Adam Office...

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