APY377 9-21-11 Principles of Magic HO3

APY377 9-21-11 Principles of Magic HO3 - APY377 HANDOUT 3...

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September 21, 2011 APY377 HANDOUT 3 – Principles of Magic Power – universal concept, specific characteristics, magic work by the manipulation of power EX – Moses confronts God and says ‘show yourself to me’; god is patient with him; you cannot see me Moses, you will die if you see. God shows part of his backside and Moses is still affected so much that he is shining; when he goes down people were frightened and run away; from then on he veils himself EX – Christian scriptures, Christian story; shepards on hillside the opening of the heavns and the glory of the lord; ’glory’ used as English translation for power, the bright light Natural Forces – useful to regard forces of nature as supernatural agencies; they are not beings and they are not spirits but they can act (make things happen); could be called the engines of nature. The forces are motivated by power. The forces have power in them, some more than others and some more specific than others. Various forces came in the beginning of time to do specific things. Forces that are programmed what they are meant to do, or are manipulated to do something else. EX - there are forces in seeds. The forces of nature have been recognized by farmers and poets. Seed grows after proper nutrition from soil, sunlight, rain, etc. and will grow into something that will keep people alive, a vital crop. That’s miraculous. Farmers recognize the power in seeds; i.e. on ear of corn can grow into a plant taller than a man. EX - Dylan Thomas (famous poet of 1930’s and 40’s), the force that through the green fuse (stem) drives the flower, the force that drives the water through the rocks… A coherent, interconnected universe - to cohere is when a lot of things cooperate in adhering (sticking together); everything in the cosmos is potentially interconnected. The ‘cosmos’ may be a cultural idea as well (i.e. native americans explain configuration of stars; Africa only casually aware of stars and not important but aware of sun and moon; astrology); a network of interconnections in nature. These networks last forever (past, present, future), things that have
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APY377 9-21-11 Principles of Magic HO3 - APY377 HANDOUT 3...

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