APY377 11-18-11 Test 3 Review

APY377 - is from talents book in new Orleans meaning voodoo was badly misunderstood – voodists were believed to seek out children kidnap them

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November 18, 2011 APY377 HO14: 1) Sarah Good - 2) Sarah - 3) “Tituba” - Rhode Island – place for accused people to go; they were Quakers… Review: 3 of the 5 will be on the test, will have to answer only one Cannot bring material with you; but plenty of time to learn and study Lindenbaum – not really explained but discussed in stein and stein; the Wari, whom are cannibals. She is looking at the social patterns of sorcery and witchcraft suspicions Note that question 5 has several parts to it; multipart question. The short answer – you will probably have 5 -7 short answer questions of a choice of 12 – 15. Stevens asked to add another term, ‘horned altars’ to the list for part b. You are to identify them; show in a couple of sentences what they are and their relevance to the course. Not e there are a couple of them in quotation marks, meaning Stevens took them from other sources. Ex – the goat without horns comes from a chapter title in one of the readings and
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Unformatted text preview: is from talents book; in new Orleans, meaning voodoo was badly misunderstood – voodists were believed to seek out children, kidnap them, kill them in bloody rituals with body parts. Everytime a child went missing the rumors spread that a satanic voodoo ritual was happening. Of course the child was found, and the rumors stopped. But it’s what started this. It is the nature of this culture, their suspicions Another quotation extracted from the reading is ‘the work from the left hand’, which comes from one of the articles (article about voodoo). Brown’s article is the best summary statement of what Haitian voodoo is all about; the religion of voodoo, not cultural meaning. Boquor? May have ability to resurrect the dead (zombie) and work for him in his fields. The work of the left hand is the way voodooists regard… Brown didn’t invent the term, she took it from the Haitians...
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