APY377 11-30-11 Demonologies and Witchhunts

APY377 11-30-11 Demonologies and Witchhunts - November 30,...

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November 30, 2011 APY377 Modern Demonologies and Witch Hunts Monday we talked about the demonology of the Jews. More than 2000 years of institutionalized anti-Semitism. Trachtenberg (required book for final exam – follow the handout given!!) discussion of the demonism of the Jews in the middle ages, is where we are beginning. We have too little information on the first 1000 years of Christian history. The protocols of the elders of Xion is a recent part of the whole demonology; it is a hoax, a fraud. It was revealed as a fraud and was concocted last in the 1890’s. At first it wasn’t anti- Semitic, but took several forms (all of them satire). Later on the Jews were put in and they put 23 or 25 different points that this alleged secret meeting of the elders of world jewelry in bazil, Switzerland in the late 1890’s. the elders of xion is a symbol of Jewish nationalism, referring to the temple mount (little hill in Jerusalem, where according to history Abraham was going to kill Isaac and Mohammad descended to heaven). Even though a hoax, Henry Ford published it again in early 1900’s. It persisted through the 20s and 30’s. it enflamed Adolf Hitler and was the inspiration for the ‘final solution’. No other time in history has the eradication of an entire people been official government policy. This is one major reason why it has been discussed so much. But this book persists! It exists today. The reasons for the origins and the persistence of anti- Semitism is a real puzzle with psychologists (and human behavior throughout the world) Today – want to cover demonology and modern witch hunts The internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War. Ordered tens of thousands of Japanese (2/3 Americans??) to the West to internment camps. The infamous episode has been recorded in famous books. (Article) One of the euphemisms for the Japanese demonology is the yellow peril (having Japanese among us), while soviet was called red , such as the red scare. The theory was on the west coast, where the invaders of Pearl Harbor exist, there were many Japanese speaking people who are considered the fifth column (word comes from Spanish civil war where city of Madrid; idea developed that there might be a fifth column or a conspiracy of people within the city). The fifth column refers to a hidden conspiracy within, just another word for an element that characterizes conspiracy theories all over the place. We’re talking about witch hunts. In history, witches are just like us and live among us, unable to tell them apart. We do not believe in traditional cannibalistic and flying witches, but we still have fears among our culture if stress arises. For example, Hitler, who had an unimportant history but
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APY377 11-30-11 Demonologies and Witchhunts - November 30,...

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