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APY377 Test 1 Review - Test One Review Questions Essay 1....

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Test One Review Questions Essay 1. Raymond Lee (“Amulets and Anthropology”) tells some strange stories about anthropologists’ reporting of supernatural or “paranormal” incidents, including his own experiences. Remembering our options for explanation when a claim to a supernatural encounter is made, and the nature of perception and factors that can influence it, how can we best explain Lee’s own experience? What clues are there in Lee’s discussion of his fieldwork that suggest an explanation for what he claimed to have experienced? In Lee’s own experience, the third option is considered; this really did happen to him, really did experience what he’s describing. Cultural meaning plays a large role in Lee’s experience; since he was learning so much about the paranormal culture; his brain was interpreting various perceptions to be received through his senses. Lee discusses his out- of-body experiences with great fear and awe. As stated in class, knowledge of a culture, as well as intense emotions can alter one’s perception. I believe that through curiosity, Lee was able to change his perception of Malay magic and therefore experienced it for himself. 2. Referring to the above question, can we similarly explain Alejandro’s claims to being bothered by spirits in his bedroom at night (video, ‘The Spirit Possession of Alejandro Mamani”)? Elaborate. No one can prove whether or not Alejandro was telling the truth or lying, but one must assume that he is telling the truth and that he saw these spirits in HIS perception. For only Alejandro to see these spirits, one would claim that he had a similar experience as Lee. These spirits come out of cultural beliefs, and nobody doubts the spirits he is talking about. Spirits such as the rock spirit, echo spirit, wind spirit, etc. can be easily believed because they are cultures explanations of phenomena. Because of Alejandro’s old age, loneliness, and stress, he may be seeing this spirits. 3. A) How can an understanding of perception help us to understand two reported extraordinary claims in the video, “The 11 Powers”? B) The video describes three ways in which various elements in Balinese culture and cosmology are symbolically “purified” before the great sacrifice to the 11 Powers. Describe two such procedures, indicating the symbolism in each Although we were not there to witness an extraordinary event, we need to understand that perception may be caused by intense religious beliefs or cultural knowledge. For example, in “The 11 Powers”, while preparing for the festival, two such incidents occurred. The first was rice was bubbling without water. It was being made for thousands of people for the festival; the fact that the rice was bubbling meant that they had the God’s approval. The second incident was the red snake in the cooking oil. FINISH PART B!!!!(1) statues of gods taken to sea for purification; 4. Toward the end of the film, when the school teacher has written Alejandro’s will and is
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APY377 Test 1 Review - Test One Review Questions Essay 1....

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