APY377 Test 2 Review

APY377 Test 2 Review - Sarah Jordan APY377: Test Two Sarah...

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Sarah Jordan APY377: Test Two Sarah Jordan October 24, 2011 APY377 Dr. P. Stevens 1A. The ethnological meaning of our magical world view can best be explained through the five principles of magic. There are some things in the universe that are unexplainable, where magic is a way for cultures to explain the world around them. Supernatural power is the most supreme form of magic. It is a universal term used for the unexplainable, where extraordinary things happen through the manipulation of power. Natural forces are considered supernatural agencies motivated by power. Although they are not spirits or beings, this force has a power in itself to act accordingly. The third principle, interconnections in nature, is the interconnection of everything in the universe; things that have happened in the past are still interconnected with the
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present, and therefore to the future. A symbol, something that represents an idea or action, is also a powerful principle. Lastly, Frazer’s principles are a common way people explain the unexplainable. Homeopathic is a type of magic based on imitation or correspondence. Contagion magic is when objects that come into contact with each other have some supernatural connection with each other. Magic deals with supernatural forces and is is largely based off of Frazer’s principles. An example of homeopathic magic would be to get a child to fall asleep, where the person holding the child would yawn purposely (Hand 308). In addition, ailments may commonly be associated with colors, where the resemblance is considered symbolic (Hand 307). Contagious magic may best be illustrated by an event where, during a pregnancy the husband has an accident, and as a result the child is born with a mark resembling the injury that the father had (Hand 308). Sorcery is believed to be evil sympathetic magic, where witchcraft is an evil power. The
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APY377 Test 2 Review - Sarah Jordan APY377: Test Two Sarah...

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