PHY122 Vocab Part 3

PHY122 Vocab Part 3 - Chapter 18 Oblateness: the flattening...

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Chapter 18 Oblateness: the flattening of a spherical body, usually caused by rotation Liquid metallic hydrogen: a form of liquid hydrogen that is a good electrical conductor, found in the interiors of Jupiter and Saturn Magnetosphere: the volume of space around a planet within which the motion of charged particles is dominated by the planetary magnetic field rather than the solar wind Belt-zone circulation: the atmospheric circulation typical of Jovian planets in which dark belts and bright zones encircle the planet parallel to its equator Galilean moons: the four largest satellites of Jupiter, named after their discoverer, Galileo Groove terrain: regions of the surface of Ganymede consisting of parallel grooves, believed to have been formed by repeated fracture of the icy crust Tidal heating: the heating of a planet of satellite because of friction caused by tides Orbital resonances: orbital periods of objects related by simple arithmetic relationships. For example, Io’s orbital period around Jupiter is exactly ½ of Europa’s, and exactly ¼ of Ganymede’s; as a result, the objects strongly influence each other gravitationally. Forward scattering: the optical property of finely divided particles to preferentially direct light in the original direction of the light’s travel. Roche limit: the minimum distance between a planet and a satellite that holds itself together by its own gravity. If a satellites orbit brings it within its planet’s Roche limit, tidal forces will pull the satellite apart. Shepherd satellites: a satellite that, by its gravitational field, confides particles to a planetary ring Ovoids: the oval features found on Miranda, a satellite of Uranus Occultations: the passage of a larger body in front of a smaller body
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PHY122 Vocab Part 3 - Chapter 18 Oblateness: the flattening...

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