PHY121 Spectroscopy Lab

PHY121 Spectroscopy Lab - Spectroscopy Experiment Sarah...

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Spectroscopy Experiment Sarah Jordan Person #: 36731890 Partner: Richard Kerwin Dates: 10/8/09 & 10/22/09 Objective: If you want to analyze the luminosity of a star, you need to be able to break it up into its components. The purpose of this lab was to use a spectroscope to measure the absorption lines of the wavelengths of Hydrogen and Helium. This was done by observing the dispersion of light through a prism. Since a chemical composition can be told through its absorption lines, this is a very useful technique for astronomers and other scientists. Procedure: 1. First you need to take the straight through reading; this is done by taking away the prism on the spectroscope and looking at the Helium light. By finding where the cross hairs meet up with the line of light, you can find your straight through reading. The ideal angle will be close to 180. You will be using the straight through reading to find the angle of deviation “D” eventually. 2. Place the prism on the stand and get the color spectrum in the field of view. To find the minimum deviation, rotate the prism table until the spectrum slows, stops, and starts going in reverse. Then, measure that angle. The minimum deviation is the smallest angle needed to find that color in the spectrum. It is important to have because each of the spectral lines are needed to figure out the composition.
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3. Once the minimum deviation is found, you should see seven colored lines. Going from
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PHY121 Spectroscopy Lab - Spectroscopy Experiment Sarah...

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