LAI350 Building a Better Teacher Response

LAI350 Building a Better Teacher Response - Building a...

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Building a better teacher Just because you are a caring teacher, you have a well-funded school, all the latest technology, etc. does not mean that your students will be successful and willing to learn. Lemov tried to help teach how to be a better teacher. Data pointed out that it wasn’t the curriculum, class size, etc. that had children with good scores. It was which teacher they had. “You either have it or you don’t” (pg 2). Schools were firing bad teachers, hiring new and hopefully good ones. I do believe that is unfair… idea of giving cash bonuses to teachers whose students learn the most and firing those who don’t measure up. Believe if teachers get more money, better people will come for the job. Many teachers weren’t taught properly – many did not know what to do once they graduated – were not prepared. Lemov went around to successful teachers and ended up writing a book of tips for any teacher to have children pay attention and learn. Also, a students scores (or what they learn) is based on how much knowledge the teacher has on the subject. High test score teachers means high test score students. Argument of teachers not born but made. What Makes a Great Teacher? Parents always worry about where to send their kids to school. It is not the school, but the teacher. “The great teacher serves as a hero but never, ironically, as a lesson” (pg 3). Under Obama administration, have started talking about teacher accountability rather than Bush’s
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LAI350 Building a Better Teacher Response - Building a...

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