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LAI350 Final Paper

LAI350 Final Paper - Sarah Jordan Professor Melissa Meola...

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Sarah Jordan Professor Melissa Meola Shanahan LAI350 – Final Project April 29, 2010 Advancing Primary Education through Technology Technology has a strong influence in today’s world . We, as a human race, have become dependent on how technology can make our lives easier . In current times, technology is considered ‘Information Technology’, where computers – or similar technology – exist to provide us an infinite amount of data and an easier means of organizing our lives . Information technology is seen around the world . It is seen in the workforce, the average middle-class home, museums, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, libraries, and so on . In the past decade, technology has been introduced to the public education system to aid teachers and enhance learning . It has become a stepping stone to a new form of teaching; a better, more productive and exciting way to teach and learn . I have seen technology play a huge role in education . In classrooms, Smart Boards are replacing chalkboards, PowerPoint’s are being used instead of reading out of a textbook, sound field technology is enhancing learning in schools . Computers are being placed in classrooms so children can have a chance to use educational software and continue their learning experience without a teacher lecturing them . Many software developers are creating games for education to teach children math, science, history, vocabulary, spelling, reading, writing, typing skills, etc . so children can have fun while learning .
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During my observations, I realized how important it was to make sure all the students exceeded in primary education; especially with reading and writing . You cannot function in the real world without being able to read and write . In addition, you cannot learn on your own without the ability to read . Without this ability, the student will be at a road block in their educational experience and will most likely not progress much further . It was surprising to see the differences between the amounts of technology used in elementary schools, versus how much technology was seen in a high school . It made me realize how important primary education is to society, and how a great amount of attention needs to be focused on it before we can look at the other grade levels . During my observations at Kaegebein Elementary School in Grand Island, I observed several different grades and several different subjects . Although each subject is different, all the teachers I observed used technology to enhance the education and further the learning experience for their students . All the classrooms I observed did not use chalk boards or white boards; they all used technology to teach . I observed an inclusive third grade class learning about avalanches with the Smart Board .
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LAI350 Final Paper - Sarah Jordan Professor Melissa Meola...

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