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LAI350 I Won't Learn From You Response

LAI350 I Won't Learn From You Response - From the very...

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From the very beginning, it seems that students (or even adults) resist learning because of cultural reasons, pride, or family issues. In the first few pages, a child’s grandfather refused to learn English because he wanted his grandchildren to remember their cultural background (of Spanish). Wilfredo stated that he was, “frightened that his grandchildren would never learn Spanish if [he] gave in like the rest of the adults and spoke English with the children” (Kozol 1). Even when Kozol was a child he refused to learn Yiddish because of his family’s Polish background and the exclusion his mother faced. Not learning the Polish language, just as he did not learn Hebrew, has its positive and negatives. I believe that his parents should have encouraged him and maybe he would not have formed this Not-Learning method for other future learning experiences. Because of this, he did not learn valuable knowledge (of languages) that
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