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LAI350 Kozol Response

LAI350 Kozol Response - I know the power of this code...

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“I know the power of this code, having been a victim of it years ago as a first-year teacher who tiried to speak out about racism at my school and found myself involuntarily transferred to another school” (107) I think the biggest thing we have learned in this class is that education never stays the same; when times change and cultures change, educators need to adapt to better teach children. It seems that from Kozol’s perspective educators, administrators, and the government believe that student should be taught only one way; taught from the United States perspective and not from the another culture’s perspective. The government tends to support patriotism (which is understandable), but they should not be teaching students only the United States perspective. The United States is only one fraction of the world, and although it may have worked in the past, teaching this now will only present conflict. Most of the United States is filled with other cultures and nationalities, such as African Americans, Latinos, Indians, Asians, etc. People need
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