LAI350 Literacy Response

LAI350 Literacy Response - Id like to apologize in advance...

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I’d like to apologize in advance if some of this is repetitive or doesn’t make sense. I think I rambled on too much and just wrote what I thought, instead of making it more proper and easier to understand. If anything does not make sense, please let me know and I’ll rephrase it. Thanks! New Learning I believe it was interesting to learn about the nature of learning , though I am not sure how I would apply it to how I learn best. This article speaks of things in black and white, which constantly bothers me. Behaviorism, which is similar to didactic education, is the old-fashioned theory that humans learn because of biology, and just that. Humans can only be as smart as they were born to be. I do not believe in that, but then again, I do not have enough knowledge to really fight that argument. Behaviorism also mentions how humans learn better when rewards and punishments exist, which I agree with. Comparing this to Social Cognitivism, which believes that learning is focused on nature and that learning is what develops the brain further, I believe both shouldn’t be kept separate. If I had to choose, I would probably pick Brain Developmentism. I completely agree with the quote, “the individual child makes their own understandings of the world by interacting in the world” (Kalantzis Cope 150). I do believe that everyone’s an individual and different based on their experiences. You learn different things based on those experiences. Also, I thought the quote, “students will only learn what they are developmentally ready to learn” (Kalantzis Cope 149), seems pretty accurate; I never thought of it that way, though I guess everyone knows that on some subconscious level.
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LAI350 Literacy Response - Id like to apologize in advance...

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