LAI350 Maladjustment Response

LAI350 Maladjustment Response - I believe that Kohl has a...

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I believe that Kohl has a strong argument for equity; I agree that schools are forced to conform to what the state or government believes is a level of excellence. This may have worked in the past, but in current times when the nation is multicultural, we need to be able to adjust to new beliefs of how the education system should work. I believe that many white people are ignorant when it comes to teaching; many assume that because they were taught about white man’s history, they should teach it the same way. It wasn’t until my cultural anthropology course that I became aware of the need for open mindness and cultural learning in schools. I never even realized in high school that I was being taught biased; I never questioned what other perspectives of world history existed. I spent most of my public education learning of how the native American’s are savages and that white men tried to conform them, help them become better people, try to teach them new and better ways of farming and education; or at least, this is what the textbooks said and how the teachers taught. During those years while I learned about native Americans through the school, I also learned them through my father who has family and friends in several different Native
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LAI350 Maladjustment Response - I believe that Kohl has a...

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